Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Oh so very slow...
It's this weekend and I want it to be here noooww. Then again, how will I recuperate after that kind of weekend...but that is besides the point.

So I bought this SHINee photoset from someone on SFI. I'm going to pay her when I see her at SM Town (Oh yeah... totally not shady =_=; ) Anyway, Some of us wanted the pictures individually. I, on one hand, just wanted JinKi's picture, but didn't mind buying the whole set since I love SHINee and all of its members. But I know this other member on SFI wanted the JongHyun one. The person selling the picture let me pick if I was going to buy the pictures first coz I commented the thread first. I just ended up buying the whole set (which, once again, I don't mind) and the member who wanted the JongHyun picture PM'd me if she can convince me if I could see that picture to her. I feel so torn LOL... and I feel so bad.
On one hand, I would like to sell it to her because 1) then I would receive money [not much tho]
But on the other hand: 1) my SHINee set will be incomplete, 2) I like JongHyun too 3) I would like to keep em all together.

Now I feel greedy LOL... I originally just wanted JinKi's picutre and now I have em all =_=; This is hard..
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Kat: *closes video of KyuHyun* ;__;
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
My brother's birthday was last week and we spent it with my cousin, his mom, his sister and my parents. It was pretty good. The adults had their own table and the kids had their own. We talked a lot about what happened before and what not. A lot of memories we talked about that my cousin Mark and I could remember. Kevin remembered as well, but my cousin Pepay couldn't remember much since she was so young when we ha dour adventures. We talked about our old TV show we used to film that was a spoof of Space Ghost. We called it Space Kev. We kept all the names too. Markie was Brak, Nikki was Moltar, I was Zorak, coz, apparently, I am pure evil. There is something wrong with our brains while growing up. We mentioned about Disneyland and how the cousins haven't been going to things in a while. It kind of makes me miss what we all had before. I guess it was that sort of bond that used to keep us together. I don't know what broke up apart. I don't want to say lack of communication coz we have no real excuse to not talk to each other. Maybe we got so busy and caught up in our lives, we forgot to stop and figure out what we left behind. Just maybe. Or I'm taking a shot in the dark. Who knows.
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Monday, August 16, 2010
"We got really lucky. We got floor seats, but it's still a lot of money."
"Was it sold out after you bought em?"
"Yeah. I'm so happy. We're soooo close to the stage"
"Yeah. I think I can die happy now!"
"*crosses arms*"
I think I got him mad. He got back at me by tickling me to no end.
Aaah, that's my boyfriend for ya...
Mama: You're still owe me for those tickets...
Kat: I know I know
Papa: What tickets?
Kat: *says where*
Papa: why so expensive?!
Kat: We're so close to the stage! I AM THIS SO CLOSE TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!
Papa: Four eyes going?
Kat: No, Pa. I'm talking about my Korean love of my life.
Papa: *curses in Ilongo*
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Thursday, August 12, 2010
Just lie with me. I think that's what I need most from you right now...
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Sunday, August 8, 2010
seriously, enough with the chinese comments. I can't read 'em and I feel bad if I use google. But I'm sure you're trying to advertise something. So BACK OFF PLZ ;___;

Anyway, Mimi and I have been plotting. and to be vague, it goes a little something like this:


Then End.

Btw, I hate school.
I hope you are all doing okie.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010
There's a picture of us when we were younger and together. I think about 3 years ago. I look at that picture, and I look over as I watch the videos. Endless videos.
I like having that picture of us.
It reminds me why I love you so much.
Because you're real.
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