Thursday, May 3, 2012
I'm not too fond of the new layout for blogspot. Can anyone else attest to this? lol...

It's always around this time where I start to feel really... upset :| I need to find a better word for that. TO THE DICTIONARY!

Skipping my Yoga class today was a good idea... I didn't really want to go and I was really hungry. It's a bad habit of mine not to eat breakfast in the morning-- I developed this during my senior year of high school. Anya and I went to eat at Corner Bakery after class. It felt good to have something in my stomach.

There was a sale going on at Michael's today and I saw a case of sidewalk chalk for 5$. Oh, how I wanted it so bad... Controlling impulse buys. At least I know I have chalk at home.

Sleeping is becoming more difficult. Pocket of inspiration begin to spark in my head as I stay awake. It's become unbearable to the point where it is 7AM, and I still need to sleep and get ready & drive (without falling asleep at the wheel and crashing), and make it to my 10:30 AM class.

I hate the guy who asks irrelevant questions in my Chinese class. He's the reason why we're rushing through grammar points. Please ask about the Chinese characters during the break, dude. The majority of the class doesn't care-- in fact, I think we all come to an agreement that we don't like you.

Papa's going back home in October. A part of me wishes that he was going back during the summer so I could tag along with him and go visit sa Pinas. I do miss Iloilo (mostly Boracay) and all of it's... welll... I miss it a lot, but I can only stand to stay for a certain amount of time. There's a point where my relatives will want to keep me for as long as they can, but, really, I just want to explore. When I told my parents I am not taking any summer classes, they began talking about sending me to the Philippines. To do what? Mama said to watch how Amah and family works the business there (a bit of background, my dad's mother owns a mall, and a chain of supermarts. Yup, Family Business)...but I'm a Foreign Language major. Right. Then they said that I should go there for the culture and language. My cousins will make fun of me because I grew up in America and they don't think I understand Ilonngo :| I understand the majority of it... They wouldn't be quiet about what I should do there, so I made a deal with them: If I stayed in Iloilo for a week, I will go to Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong for 2 weeks. My parents stopped talking after that.

I really want to cut my hair.

I have a sudden urge to play volleyball. They only time I really get to play is either when I am with April, or Daniel brings out the volleyball in the parking lot and we play while we wait for the late birds to arrive.

I should probably put up a note to people in CKI that my closed hours are 10PM-7AM. My phone was blowing up while I was working my translations. I had to put it on silent. I would have turned it off, but then I remembered that I needed Pleco to help me finish my worksheet. (Oh sweet Jesus, I love this app).

I downloaded the "Kotoba!" app. It's just like Pleco, except for Japanese. I feel a little bit better now...


I'm scared of going to University.

Everyone keeps telling me to take Korean. DOES IT LOOK LIKE MY SCHOOL HAS IT? If they did have it in the curriculum, I would've taken it in a heartbeat, damnit. On another note, I'm not any good at it :|

April's graduating in June. She'll be first out of our group of friends to graduate. 1 down, 4 to go.
After that will be Shaun. Then Me, Nigel and Krisette (Hopefully at the same time?).

Nigel and I will be in the same school again... this will be fun ahaha.

The intelligent of the unintelligent. I don't even know what I am saying anymore. No, I'm not drunk. I don't even know what it feels like to be drunk. If I was drunk, I'd be dead :| Thank you, alcohol allergy!

I'm sorry I was yelling about not having Metro Banquet on May 20th. I kind of paid 100$+ to go to a concert. Others can attest to this too-- hell, I'll be sitting by two of them. I'm not trying to be a raincloud in your plans, we want to be at the banquet too.

Am I ever going to do anything "tech-y" with my old position? not even one last time? :| I did more historian work last minute than I did for Tech-chair. Omg I should really just stop arguing.

I think now is a good time to sleep.

My head hurts.

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