Tuesday, July 26, 2011
  • Discussing what a hemorrhage is
  • Where the hemorrhage is located on your cousing's head
  • explaining what is a subarachnoid
  • knowing the difference between the subarachnoid and subdural
  • Hearing your mom and her sister argue that "it wasn't subdural, it's subarachnoid. I thought you heard me."
  • Seeing how one lumbar test can put an entire family, who had adapted quite will to the "coconut express", thus relaying messages back and forth, along with hysterics.
  • listing the other possibilities that can occur if it isn't a hemorrhage.
I never liked neurology, but this was kinda interesting and...funny. Funny only to hear my mom argue with her sister.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011
Send me Doojoon plz.

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I promise I will stop making murderous threats to those I do not like if you do this.

love, Kat.

this is really just a joke
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
If we were see each other.
Standing across from one another
be it across the street
in an aisle of books (lol long shot)
or in a crowd

I wonder who will be the one regretting it the most




my only regret is that I stayed with you for that long
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Saturday, July 16, 2011
This song "Kiss Kiss" by Kim Hyunjoong reminds me too much of Chris Brown's "Forever".
About 3 years, "Forever" was always played and, well, I enjoyed the song a lot. It was my summer song back in 2008. Fresh out of high school with a boy that I genuinely liked holding my hand.

I guess it kind of put me in a nostalgic mood, but also in a slightly more hopeful atmosphere. Although they two songs sound so much alike, "Kiss Kiss" is in Korean hahaha. I don't know if the lyrics are similar to "Forever" but oh well. I guess the more hopeful atmosphere because it's different in its own way. Aside from the obvious language difference, it's new and I guess it put me in a more hopeful mood that, well, I'm starting on a new slate.

I'm not neither rushing anything nor am I hoping that I will hope to see my future lover soon or whatever. Just...hopeful that sooner or later, I'll feel a lot better.

Yes, last night was a complete train wreck.

So let's start something new today.

so silly of me to compare kpop to american pop. we all know which one i like better teehee
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Friday, July 15, 2011
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...those "oh my god" x3 is supposed to be "oh my god"-s of despair.
Don't mind his smiling.

Well, it is confirmed-- He's here. To be completely honest, I didn't think he would be home, so this is quite the surprise to me. My stomach totally turned inside out and I think my heart kind of stopped for a moment. Oh yes, this isn't supposed to affect me, right? yeaaaah it isn't, and here I am completely discombobulated and I can barely describe the feeling that is flying around my body. No, those aren't butterflies. Those butterflies that I had for him died months ago.

This really shouldn't be affecting me, but here I am panicking o_o I don't know what to do if I see him coz God knows I'm in the same freaking city as he is majority of the time. Ugh, it makes me feel like I just want to stay indoors forever ;_;

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...but then my grades would go down, so that wouldn't be a good thing.

Ah, but in all seriousness (sorry, I had to get that whole rant out), the best I can really do is... be calm and keep walking.

I don't know what I will do if we make eye contact or if he comes after me, but I just need...to...be...calm.

Damnit, I'm flaring up LOL. This is such unnecessary stress I give myself. Why do I do this T_T... He shouldn't be worth the headache anymore...

AAAHHH leme go watch the Mona Lisa MV again..

Seungho wait for me
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