Monday, December 10, 2012
I don't think a lot of people know that I listen to a wide variety of music besides Kpop. Sure, that's probably all the music I talk about but I don't think anyone takes into account that just maybe I could be listening to something else. Like, right now. All the Christmas songs that are playing on the radio, I like that stuff a lot. I think it's because it only comes once a year.

I wish we could have pretty fairy lights everywhere all year round.
Especially on the trees. Those always get me.

But yeah, music. Sometimes I feel like people make it a competition... like, "were you there when they first started?"

Big fucking woop for you man. You've been there since they have started. You want a medal or something? Just because it's no longer underground, you don't like it? I'm sorry you can't share.

I don't know :( if you like music, then you like it. It should be bringing people together, not pushing people away.
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At November 16, 2015 at 3:56 PM, Blogger deir said........
i agree with this. One of the reasons that i think this often happends is because, people love to feel that they belong to fancy club. Never the less, and i think that you would understand, since, you are fond -for what i could read- with an not necessarily too comercial type of music such as kpop, sometimes it´s kind of annoying hearing shit that becomes SOO famous, while there are so many great stuff out there that very few people appreciates. This happend to me recently while listening to the velvet underground, wich is a band that i could easily say has to be at the top 20 of greatest rock and roll bands of all time, and they were barely able to hit the charts at number 199 -if im not mistaken- in the us charts. But anyways, kudos from Venezuela, nice post.