Saturday, March 3, 2012
  • Lucifer: Second Album (Version A)
  • Hello: Second Album Repackaged
  • Lee Jinki phone charm
  • Autographed solo picture of Lee Jinki (I don't think I can ever thank my twin enough for this.)
  • Juliette Postcard Set (Missing Jonghyun)
  • SHINee Postcard Set D (is it D? I forget)
  • 3 individual pictures of Jinki
  • SMTown Live Poster
  • SMTown Live Postcard set
  • Jinki photocard (exchanged with Kaini. I traded my Jonghyun photocard for a Jinki one.)
  • Lee Jinki clear file version D (where I stuff all my piano music)
  • Limited Edition 2011 Calendar Postcard (given to me by Kaini. I love Kainiii LOL)
  • 3 other unoffical posters from my best friend
  • 1 unoffical SHINee wrist strap for phone
  • 4th Mini Album: Lights Go On Again
  •  Official Poster: Mastermind
  • "So, Beast: Season Greeting" includes:
    -Desk Calendar
    - Planner
    - 6 Postcards
    - Mini Clear File
    - ALL IN A BOX!
  • 3rd Mini Album: Mastermind
  • Fiction Limited Edition Set includes
    - 3 pins
    - T-shirt
    - CD
    - Poster
    - Photobook
  • BEAST Airlines Clear Files (6 clear files; one member per clear file)
  • Official Fiction and Fact Poster (not the limited edition one)
  • 1 unofficial lanyard for phone
  • 3 unofficial phone charms (one Kikwang, two Doojoon)
  • 1 unoffical keychain (Doojoon one side, OT6 dooposing on the other side)
  • Official SO, BEAST Season Greetings 2011 (complete with calendar, diary, notepad, tape, postcards, clearfile, ALL IN A PRETTY BOX!)
  • 1 unofficial desk calendar
  • 2nd Mini Album "Shock of the New Era"
  • Making Of Beast Airlines Photobook (comes with DVD)
  • Official "Welcome to B2ST Airline" Poster (God, they look so good in that pilot uniform).
  • 5th Mini Album "Midnight Sun" (With Doojoon photocard. I got lucky :] ) 
  • Official Poster: "Midnight Sun"
  • B2R Silver Headbow (I am fucking kawaii)
  • 5th Mini Album "Midnight Sun" Limited Edition (with like 4 Hyunseung photocards...)
  • WoolimENT official Over the Top poster
  • 2 official 2ne1 posters
Born To Beat (BTOB)
  • Official "Born to Beat" poster 
  • "Rock Ur Body" Official Single Album
  • "Super Hero" Official Single Album
  • "On and On" Official Single Album (with Ken Photocard)
  • "Hyde" Official Mini Album (with N-insert)
  • "On and On" Official Poster
  • Official Poster (I gotta check again)  was given to a friend
  • "Bloom" Poster (Official) 
  • "The Boys" Official Album (With Jessica Photocard)
update 8/24/2013

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