Monday, August 16, 2010
"We got really lucky. We got floor seats, but it's still a lot of money."
"Was it sold out after you bought em?"
"Yeah. I'm so happy. We're soooo close to the stage"
"Yeah. I think I can die happy now!"
"*crosses arms*"
I think I got him mad. He got back at me by tickling me to no end.
Aaah, that's my boyfriend for ya...
Mama: You're still owe me for those tickets...
Kat: I know I know
Papa: What tickets?
Kat: *says where*
Papa: why so expensive?!
Kat: We're so close to the stage! I AM THIS SO CLOSE TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!
Papa: Four eyes going?
Kat: No, Pa. I'm talking about my Korean love of my life.
Papa: *curses in Ilongo*