Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Oh so very slow...
It's this weekend and I want it to be here noooww. Then again, how will I recuperate after that kind of weekend...but that is besides the point.

So I bought this SHINee photoset from someone on SFI. I'm going to pay her when I see her at SM Town (Oh yeah... totally not shady =_=; ) Anyway, Some of us wanted the pictures individually. I, on one hand, just wanted JinKi's picture, but didn't mind buying the whole set since I love SHINee and all of its members. But I know this other member on SFI wanted the JongHyun one. The person selling the picture let me pick if I was going to buy the pictures first coz I commented the thread first. I just ended up buying the whole set (which, once again, I don't mind) and the member who wanted the JongHyun picture PM'd me if she can convince me if I could see that picture to her. I feel so torn LOL... and I feel so bad.
On one hand, I would like to sell it to her because 1) then I would receive money [not much tho]
But on the other hand: 1) my SHINee set will be incomplete, 2) I like JongHyun too 3) I would like to keep em all together.

Now I feel greedy LOL... I originally just wanted JinKi's picutre and now I have em all =_=; This is hard..
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