Friday, December 23, 2011
For Christmas, I want to use pictures and put them into this folder thing I got for my senior portraits. I found it while I was cleaning out my room and I thought "huh, I think I'll use this." My brain started gearing up a few days on how I would use that and only recently I have thought of giving it to my parents. I would use all the pictures I have taken of us over the course of the year. It didn't hit me until later in the day that we didn't have very many pictures of each other this year and if we did have some, it would have been a good picture, or a good picture but not normal picture because my brother and I are trolling. Now, I'm not too sure what I am going to do. I'll figure it out before I give them my present. It's only a matter of time before my mother falls asleep and I creep out to do my work.
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Sunday, December 18, 2011
I don't understand how my brother is always able to do things ahead of me, gets no penalty when he does something, while I, on the other hand, get the penalty for just even asking.

I figured that I wanted to get a new laptop for my birthday. Old Lappy was slowing down and it made me really sad since I've had that lappy for almost 4 years. Then the week before my birthday my brother slips down the stairs and his laptop falls and breaks from the third story. Of course, when my parents hear this, they freak out, knowing that my brother needs a new laptop. So what does he get? He gets an Asus. I think it is the top of the line one (until he mentioned that he wanted to upgrade his graphics card. Screw you =_=), and I got upset coz his laptop alonewas about $700 ish. When I told my parents I wanted a new la[top for my birthday, my dad told me to wait until Christmas because money is tight and my brother just broke his. I didn't care so much because my lappy was working still. Then the unthinkable happened: the fan broke. Lappy would overheat quickly, which means I couldn't get any work done. I would use the computer outside, but my parents would like to occupy that for hours. Not only that, I was the one responsible for the powerpoint for the workshop I was doing at FTC. I really needed a new laptop. I told my dad and he asked me if I could wait until the after Thanksgiving sale for this. I said "no, I need this now. I can't do any work without it." So, we did buy my laptop. My laptop was half the price of his, and with the anti-virus and the warranty, the total was just as much as my brother's laptop alone.

My brother, with such terrible planning, decides that he and his friends want to go to NorCal to visit his friends from Uni. Okie, 1) You just got home and you want to leave already? 2) If I asked my parents about that, they would've straight up said no. Did they say no to my brother? Of course not! The thing is,my cousin wants to bring me up north because I didn't get to experience everything I wanted to while I was in San Francisco. As much as I adored that roadtrip with my family, I really wanted to see Union Square and the Full House house. And guess what happens? The car he's in gets totaled coz the driver rear ends the car in front of them! Momma get's concerned and wonders if she needs to buy him a plane ticket . For all I care, he can figure out his way home. He should take the bus! And then take the bus from Union Station aalll the waaay back to Carson. Yes! Let him learn his lesson!

I don't know. It's like my brother comes home and becomes an inconsiderate douche bag. I love him, I really do, but he didn't even think twice that I had to go study for my japanese final. Honestly, if I get a B in that class...I don't even know how angry I will be with him.

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