Saturday, July 16, 2011
This song "Kiss Kiss" by Kim Hyunjoong reminds me too much of Chris Brown's "Forever".
About 3 years, "Forever" was always played and, well, I enjoyed the song a lot. It was my summer song back in 2008. Fresh out of high school with a boy that I genuinely liked holding my hand.

I guess it kind of put me in a nostalgic mood, but also in a slightly more hopeful atmosphere. Although they two songs sound so much alike, "Kiss Kiss" is in Korean hahaha. I don't know if the lyrics are similar to "Forever" but oh well. I guess the more hopeful atmosphere because it's different in its own way. Aside from the obvious language difference, it's new and I guess it put me in a more hopeful mood that, well, I'm starting on a new slate.

I'm not neither rushing anything nor am I hoping that I will hope to see my future lover soon or whatever. Just...hopeful that sooner or later, I'll feel a lot better.

Yes, last night was a complete train wreck.

So let's start something new today.

so silly of me to compare kpop to american pop. we all know which one i like better teehee
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