Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So, what happened?
Well, I was dancing the choreo to BEAST's "Shock" and there's this move where you sorta kick back your left leg, and you touch the bottom of you foot/shoe and then this whole head swirl blah blah.
During that, I accidentally kicked my hand and I jammed my finger. I feel kind of stupid for inflicting an injury upon myself and it was totally unintentional. Didn't know I was capable of doing something-- no wait, I'm lying. I think I have some idea that I could accidentally injure myself.

Anyway, my middle finger is swollen and taped together to prevent any movement (its really painful. you;re all prolly wondering how i am typing (believe me, im trying to figure that out too).
There are some things I can't do coz i lack in two other fingers.

1. Have the strength to turn the lazy susan in my house.
2. write
3. type
4. do the "V" sign
5. give a proper thumbs up
6. coil my hand into a fist.
7. Flick ppl off. A lot of ppl were making me very angry today. I guess they got really lucky today...
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