Saturday, April 30, 2011

So, guess who I met today/yesterday?
For those of you who don't know, this is Jay Park, former 2PM member and now solo artist. Maybe some of you know him from Ryan Higa's video "Bromance"? Or if you went to ISA 2010, then yeah. He was a performer :)
Anyway, I was lucky enough to meet him today, along with 2 members (Hyosung and Jieun) from Secret and a brief hello to U-KISS' Eli!

uhm, I don't have much to say about my encounter with Jay Park. From what I remembered from his twitter was that he was really jet lagged, so I could only assume that he was really tired. When I first saw him, my friend and I were slow to go up to him. I didn't recognize him at first; I guess you could say we were slow to respond? Hahaha. Yeah. He got to sign for one person and told everyone "Let me eat first! I'll come back!" and the small group dispersed and he left. My friend and I saw him a second time when he came back, a few people stopped around him and my friend and I walked over to him. He looked really tired after coming back from eating. He signed my notebook, almost spelling my name wrong, but I didn't mind hahaha. He got it right though. Then I asked him "Oppa, can I get a picture with you?" and he said "Sure, just a quick one." So I took a picture with him. The original photo was actually darker, so I brightened it up (and added a watermark. This was the only picture I took WITH a Korean Idol. Boy, am I happy). The third time I saw him he was walking back to the elevators. After that I just said "Hi Jay-Oppa!" and he waved. There were more people around that time, so yeah, more screaming girls hahaha.

I'm taller than him. Jay Park was the shortest member of 2PM, but I didn't realize that he'd be that short (if I'm taller than Jay Park, does this mean I'm taller than Lee Kikwang and Kim Jonghyun? Yang Yoseob too? Oh jeez LOL). He looked really skinny, too. I mean, he does have muscle (that boy hoars out his abs so much, I don't even...), but compared to Eli, who is pretty muscular, Jay was skinny. Kind of want to feed him ( I want to feed Dongho too). Nevertheless, he was hot close up LOL (I'm being honest here guys). I was pretty surprised by how calm he was when meeting the fans. He was polite and willing to take a quick picture. There was a part when a fan went to Jay asking for a picture. Jay said the same thing he said to me about the picture and posed. The fan's friend said "I don't know how to use this!" and Jay said "Then no, I have to go." I guess he was pretty straightforward too when it came to that. It wasn't harsh, but it was a firm response. When I asked Eli for a picture he said that he couldn't because he was in a rush, but he had enough time to just sign. It was, I guess a little more gentle than the way Jay said it? I don't know. Haaah.

Well, it was a fun day. Last minute with the whole "WHAT THE HELL DO WE DO" and getting lost, but it was fun. I had fun. Good experience. Maybe I'll get lucky next year? We'll see.

PS- I wish I saw G.NA! I heard she's a real sweetheart!
PPS- All of the U-KISS members are really handsome in real life.
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