Monday, June 27, 2011
My dots are getting better. I'm really happy about this. It has taken several months to get it this far, and now I just need to keep up with it.

I went to a DCM yesterday and I was wearing a sports bra and shorts. I don't own a swim suit coz of the size of my stomach (and my rolls -_-; ). One of the guys from CKI was upfront about and asked me what it was. At least he was up front about it rather than backing away from me like I am some diseased person. I told him it was an auto-immune disease and I have to take medication for it. Then we started talking about the various diseases we had hahaha. Interesting talk indeed.

Yong Junhyung and Goo Hara are dating. To be honest, I'm only jealous because Junhyung is a good guy LOL. He's intimidating on the outside, but he's a sweetheart (and a doof). I'm not jealous coz "OMFG OPPA CAN'T BE WITH HER OPPA IS MINEEEE!!11" Haha, yeah, not that crazy. He's not even my bias. I think I'm only jealous because Hara is dating a good guy. He's going to take good care of her, I can tell. But if Junhyung hurts her, oh boy will I be mad D< As much as I love BEAST and Junhyung (not as much as Doojoon), I would be upset if he hurt her. It's hard to find nice guys these days...

I shouldn't be looking, but I don't think this "I'm missing him" feeling in me. Hahaha it's only showing how much he's bothering me, and yet he's not even around to do it. I will never understand it all. Not looking for a rebound, oh no. I'm just looking for someone who will want me back in return. For real this time.


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