Tuesday, September 21, 2010
So... there's this girl in my biology class. She makes me go Photobucket

First day of bio class, she was complaining how she couldn't see anything in the microscope. I told her to use the knobs, but she still kept complaining. Second day of Bio, she had the nerve to tell me that I was doing an experiment wrong, but I did it that morning during Physiology. (GIRLIE, BACK OFF. I KNOW WHAT I'm DOING). Third day, she didn't do anything to help the experiment, which I was practically leading. She kept saying "I'm tiiiirreeed". Goodness, I'M TIRED TOO. TRY SITTING THROUGH PHYSIOLOGY FOR 4 HOURS. The last time she was at class, she kept asking me why the iodine makes the edges of the leaf, and I just told her that I didn't know, and the question wasn't asking for it. But she kept asking why and I just said that it sucks up the iodine in place of the chlorophyll. After a good...5 minutes, she was like "OOH IT SUCKS UP THE IODINE". This was how I was after she said that:
Photobucket. Then one of the girls was like "one of the questions says doesn't ask why, so I'll just put No" and she didn't question her! And she asked me to copy the notes and I said sure and asked if I could get it to her on Wednesday. She wanted it on Tuesday. I was waiting for her at the copy room until around 1 and I texted her if she was coming coz I had a CKI meeting to go to! SHE TEXTS ME THAT SHE'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF CAMPUS AND TO GET IT TOMORROW. OMG. I...I CAN'T EVEN ENGLISH HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS. UGH. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH MACROS OR GIFS TO EXPLAIN HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW, DAMNIT.
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