Sunday, September 5, 2010
I went to sleep with a ringing in my ears. I laid in bed trying to go to sleep, but the ringing wouldn't stop. I guess this is what I got for standing, watching, singing and withstanding thousands of screaming girls. Was it worth my money and the last minute buy? Yes it was.
I wish they sold the merchandise because I was willing to blow all my money right there.
It was still worth it. Floor seats? oh baby. I could see them so close. I even stood so close to the extended stages.
JinKi's arms were amazing in real life LOL.
The Koreaboo meet up was a lot of fun. I got to meet one other Shawol from SFI, which was pretty cool! I bought something from her, so I'm glad I didn't have to pay for shipping and all I had to do was just meet up with her |D Oh thank God. But I'm happy with My SHINee to wait for the recent stuff. The Soshified meet up was insane. I have never seen so many Sones in one place. but I know that Soshified is a bigger fanbase than SFI.
My voice died half way through the concert. Maybe I shouldn't have been screaming insanely when JinKi only made his first appearance on stage...when it should have been him and the rest of SHINee singing. You can hear my voice crack in the video when they sang Lucifer. XD TaeMin is even more adorable live! He did a dance in front of me! Then the confetti was everywhere, he started jumping around like a little kid. He's a real maknae at heart. Never grow up, TaeTae! (and stop trying to get all the Noonas in trouble). JinKi had so many cute moments too. When they sang "Up and Down", JinKi ran down the extended stage. He turned around and saw the members weren't behind him. The look on his face was so adorable; it practically said "Why aren't you guys following me...?" and they all ran right after him. He even did a arm shape heart thingy during "Stand By me" when JongHyun sang "Saranghe". God, I miss their cute phase, but they all look so grown up now. Hard to believe that they're all close to my age (minus TaeMin who is as old as my brother. TaeMinnie can be my brother too :D)

Reaching out towards the center where people were passing by, JongHyun gave me a high five when I was reaching out for JinKi. I swear I was trying to reach out for Lee JinKi, but I shouldn't be complaining. TaeMin did a little dance in front of where I was. EYE CONTACT WITH JINKI HOLY SHIT. The fact that I could zoom in and see their freakin FACES and JongHyun looking right at my camera! UGH, pure win.

Super Junior was just as amazing

My voice is gone. My jaw hurts. Feet hurt. Sleepy eyes. This was so worth it.
Now...if I have to buy merchandise online. LKDJLKJSAKJLKAJ
But yeah. Love from beginning to the end. :) SHINee, SNSD, SUPER JUNIOR, F(x) HWAITING!

PS- Shawols are scary. If you think I'm bad? There are worse Shawols.
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