Tuesday, September 14, 2010
I think I'm way more delusional when it's this late. But guess who put off studying for her favorite boy band? This idiot right here =_=; It's not worth it. I have to get on the ball with this. Barely any of this sticks in my head, and I'm getting dizzy. Well, this can't be good. Anyway, my mom gave me back the money I was supposed to pay her back for the concert ticket. I already labeled the envelope "SMTOWN '11. DON'T OPEN". I'm already thinking about next year's concert and I haven't even figured out what I need to do now. My priorities are all over the place. I'm having second thoughts about going next year. Granted, it was a lot of fun, it was the first time ever buying floor seats on the spot and being so close to the artist and worth the money I spent and being there to make kpop history, but am I that dedicated to really be spending that kind of money again or the time as well? Last time I checked, I was a nursing student and my main goal is to get into nursing school. We'll see how things work out this semester. Then we'll talk.

My eyes are tired. Maybe I'll stop here for tonight. I have to be at school early to study with a friend from physio. Maybe she understand hybridization more than I do. I know how to name, but everything else is beginning to fade away. My room is a battlefield and I would like to clean it. I have one more poster of SHINee coming. Why did I spend my money. That CD is coming too. Why am I doing this again. Aaron is leaving this Sunday. Why is that day getting closer. I miss him already, and he hasn't left yet. We've spent a lot of time together this summer. I feel like I have spoiled the two of us with all the time we had. I even brought it up to him that we've spent so much time together, what will happen when we're apart? Maybe now isn't the time for that.

I'm listening to the Coraline Soundtrack. It's been a while since I'm surrounded by kpop.
...You know, maybe I'm not delusional when it's late. Maybe I'm, for once, normal.
...OOOORR I SHOULD BE GETTING TO SLEEP. It's time to lay SHINee down and wait for the repackaged album, only coz I keep discovering new artists like FT Island and Infinite, that'll keep me dragging. Kind of don't want that. As much as I like em... maybe it's best to lay off. It's like a drug now! THIS SUCKS. AUGH.

Good Night world, I'll see you in a few hours.
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