Friday, February 4, 2011
Shaun: Have you talked to your ex?
Kat: What? No. I cut off all contact with him when he and I broke up. I deleted him off my facebook, AIM, MSN, Skype, my cellphone-- everything that I kind of contact.
Shaun: Damn. Do you hate him that much?
Kat: It's not that-- well, maybe. More on the unforgiving side right now. Plus it'll help me get over him faster.
Shaun: I see. Are you looking?
Kat: Hahaha, Shaun, what kind of question is that?
Shaun: I'm just asking.
Kat: I'm not necessarily looking. If it happens, it happens. In reality, I'm not expecting anything since school is still a priority for me. But, if someone comes my way and approaches me, it wouldn't hurt to date. Plus I never had that middle ground of the period where you're just "dating" someone.
Shaun: Yeah, me either. Well, at least we save money for not buying anyone anything for Valentine's Day.
Kat: I've always hated that holiday. It's not even a holiday is it?
Shaun: I remember you said this in the 8th grade, haha. Why?
Kat: Too much pink and everyone being too happy. Not enough time to kill everyone.
Shaun: ...this explains a lot.
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