Wednesday, October 21, 2009
I got a 72% on my Anatomy test. Its better than failing.
So I think I'm pushed back to a 74% if anything.
I pray that I will do well on the muscle exam. If I think about it, I should just really get myself a model and beat the dead horse.
I'll be studying with Jim tomorrow, then Friday with Jim and Amy. We'll be crashing Dr. Bui's Friday class to dissect the cats (which are located in the autopsy room!). Saturday, time to cram, some more with Amy and Jim. Hopefully Thuy and Allison can make it as well. More cramming.
On the bright side, I get to see baby Addison on Saturday! I'm so excited. I can't wait to see my niece :) .
On the low side,
Sociology is still a D. Not to self, freaking push it damnit.
Its the easiest class. How can you be getting a D?!
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