Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Kat: *puts head down*
Dad: what's wrong?
Kat: There are way too many muscles on the human body. How the hell do we use ALL OF THEM?! *tantrum*
Dad: Don't worry. Just do your best.

Oh yes. When you told me to do my best in Psychology, and I got a C, you started yelling at me =_=

Dr. Bui: Your lecture exam and practicum grades pulled you down to a 74%.
Kat: ... really?
Dr. Bui: Yes.
Kat: So there's still hope for a B?
Dr. Bui: Yup.
Kat: okie. *walks away*
Last time I checked my grade with her, I had a 72%. Now I have a 74? That means I can get my B! I have to fight for my B T_T
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