Sunday, August 16, 2009
Oh stereotyping, how you screw everyone up.
This is why I have a blog!
Recently, my friend has been complaining how the media has been imaging the asians and stereotyping them. He also mentions something about why filipinas are not proud to date filipinos? He started going off about filipino guys being short. I told him that its just a matter of prefereance, not pride. So what if a filipino girl dates a white, hispanic, or Afircan American guy? it's up to the person. Then his friend started saying something about the filipino guys are placed into the typical asian stereotype. My friend agreed with his friend's answer. Not everyone stereotypes. I asked my friend what he meant by that typical asian male stereotype, and he started going on about they're the quiet, nerdy, short, no social life and does a whole lot of math problems. I rolled my eyes at this, because the filipinos have their OWN stereotype. Although the filipinos tend to mesh with the asian stereotype, we still have our own stereotype, just like the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and other asians. I kind of wanted to write "I LOVE MY QUIET DORKY, MATH LOVING FILIPINO BOYFRIEND" (this be true. He is a dork LOL ) just to prove a point, but then again, I decided not to. He also started mentioning about asian men being desirable, which I was a little confused because he brough the media into the conversation. I always thought there was a difference between the media and the prefereance of one person. Ril answered to that and started telling him that the media may protray some people like that, but it depends how one percieves himself (I'm using "he" here because of the whole asian men thing). He started syaing that he didn't like how the mainstream media is portraying asian men, and thats the reason why they're never getting any dates. Last time I checked, Asian guys are more concerned about their next test than dating (LOL I'm kidding, please do not take that to offense). Of course, if the asian man does not like how the media portrays his culture or something, then it is up to him to fix it! It just got me kind of mad that he was using that stereotype, and he himself was stereotyping women. I quote:

"Wake up women (especially you asian women), we're not all math nerds and quiet... so stop lumping us all into the mainstream stereotype!"

Goodness, sir! First you hate it that people stereotype you, and now you're stereotyping women! ASIAN women in that fact! You think that all asian women think that asian me are all math nerd and have a quite demeanor! Honestly dude, YOU NEED TO LEARN TO NOT PUT THOSE THINGS ON YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS MESSAGE because then you're going to get everyone mad... but I'm digressing. His whole argument was invalid due to this statement! You want people to think you're different from them other asians that are believed that are quiet, skinny, short and have their calculators out, but you're stereotyping here! I was going to give him a piece of my mind, but then his other friend told him to "stfu" and proceeded to tell him otherwise. Thank you other friend I do not know!

I've been told many times, "If you don't like the situation you're in, then don't complain about it, do something about it to get OUT of it." I wonder if he'll do the same.
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At August 17, 2009 at 2:07 PM, Blogger Jordan said........
I love my bike-riding, breakdancing, English-majoring, Japanese-speaking Filipino boyfriend! STEREOTYPE THAT, BITCHES.

At August 17, 2009 at 2:36 PM, Blogger Kat said........