Wednesday, July 22, 2009
So I got a B on my Informative Speech. I went over the time limit, which isn't a good thing because I didn't meet the time parameter (5-6 minutes. 6 being the max). My last speech will be Persuasive. Of course, someone like me is not so persuasive unless otherwise (I take it back, there is no otherwise). I had three topics down for my teacher to check if they're all okie so I could pick the one I wanted to do. I listed.

1. Music Programs being cut in schools
2. Too much violence in video games
3. global warming.

On the first one, she noted that it was a good choice. Of course, you have other people who are doing a lot more broader subjects like euthanasia and recycling. I talked to my teacher about the subject that I have chosen, and she said that it is a very good topic to talk about, especially coming from a musician's point of view. I have my points down... all I need to do is just rehearse it.
Jealousy is a psychological issue? Hm... I think I found my research paper topic.
Professor: It's kind of strange when you see people talk to themselves.
Kat: But isn't that normal?
Professor: Talking to yourself, yes. Arguing with yourself, then we have a different story.
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