Sunday, October 30, 2011
Yesterday, my friends surprised me. April went ninja and told Shaun and Krisette to meet us at Hwa Sun Ji. I must say, I had a dumbKat moment, just staring and blinking like a stupid git.

"Oh! They're here!!...Wait, this is a surprise?!"

And when April said that we were gonna go to Lucille's for drinks, I pointed at Krisette and Shaun and asked "They're going too, right?"

I wonder about myself sometimes...

But yeah. Drinking...sitting at the bar for the first time wasn't so bad. I just felt really out of place because I never saw myself sitting there. I was confused out of my mind on what to even get. I tried April's Backporch Lemonade and immediately went "BLEH!" Shaun was going to order for me, but I was really hesistant because I was very unsure about my alcohol tolerance in terms of allergy. Since I'm allergic to alcohol, I'm really scared how much I can take in before it becomes lethal and, well, a bunch of bad things happen. (Forever DD! ). The bartender asked me what I liked and she suggested juice, so I said that. She made me a Malibu Pineapple, which was, to my surprise, really good. I just had to keep eating, otherwise, I would really taste the alcohol. That is bad. It was a small glass and I finished halfway before my head started feeling a bit woozy and I realized that I became...more chatty than I usually am? Shaun was already buzzing and he was drinking beer. I guess this is where we all almost fulfilled our idea of sitting at a bar, drinking something, and talking about our love lives HAHAHAHA. It was pretty funny. And, thus, to my conclusion (actually, I've been realizing this more)-- I'm fine with not having a relationship. I find myself attracted to guys, but I could never see myself in a relationship. The Oppa and Unnies say that's totally fine, and I'm sure it really is. April said that it's good coz I'm at a crucial point in life where things are really starting to get serious and you need to concentrate more on your goals that trying to find true love (this be true hahaha).

After that, we began talking about my complicated love triangle LOL, but I realized this too: He reminds me too much of him and I'm not a homewrecker. And, if by any chance, something happens and he becomes single, I won't go for him. Because he reminds me so much of the other boy, I won't let myself get into that mess again. If anything, I know he'll be a really good friend. I can count on him to make me laugh or possibly make some reference to some videogame or internet meme. That's it and nothing more.

Overall, my birthday was full of surprises. I always feel that I don't deserve all these good things to happen to me, but I'm always thankful and happy that they do.
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