Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It bothers me a lot because I know I shouldn’t, but inside I know I do. Even when you hurt me, I still miss you. It’s throwing everyone off that I do not care what happens to you because it isn’t like me. Granted, I’ll admit that it isn’t like me to not care, but still, what you did was low. I really hope, for you sake and her’s, that you finally grow up and have the balls to say something. You know better, or at least I thought you did. At least do it for her if couldn’t do it for me, you know?

Despite all this, I hope in the future we can be friends again. We began as friends, and I kind of miss it that way to be honest. We ended on a horrible note. The closure talk will come sooner or later when we’re ready (or at least if time permits us). I don’t think I will be able to find anyone that was like you, but I can’t tell what was real and what was just pretend. So for now, let’s just say that I hope I don’t find someone like you. She’s there and if you get the chance, get it, so if I were you, don’t fuck it up. I’ll try not to mess up my chance either, but I’ll wait for mine. I always wait.

But one day, let’s hope we can finally smile together again. Coz right now, all I want to do is just glare at you until my eyes disappear.

PS- watch out. I have no control whatever comes your way. That includes my brother. Sorry.

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