Sunday, March 14, 2010
I may be a little dramatic, but I'm considering of canceling my facebook account. It is annoying me how my aunts and uncles would snoop on there and start asking me questions in real life. I know it is a public networking site, but I can not help but feel annoyed when I am being bombarded with questions of "What does this mean?" when my status is in Japanese (so glad I took that instead of spanish. It is like a secret language with me now...). Oh yes, and you tell my father about my boyfriend being on my facebook. Yes, that is true. And now my dad wants to add me just to keep tabs. He tells me "Don't de-friend me, okay?" and I'm banging my head against the dinner table. Thanks, Dad. Way to keep an eye on me. As if you don't trust me enough already. I'm already mad at my father enough.

We talked. More like we texted each other until the time switch. Thinking about it now, I guess my angry entries are very selfish. I wanted his worry to go away, because then it made me worry, then there's this whole snow ball affect. Not fun. As much as I don't like to be pried open about how I feel, it happened, but I didn't resist. It was kind of rough, considering we never talked like this before, and when we do, it often becomes extremely awkward and we don't know what to do afterward. Lucky for us, it was just sleep. I'm not sure what else I should say other than I'm glad we talked. I'm weird, I know.

Did anyone catch the fight on Saturday? It was a tad boring in my opinion :< . Clottey, in my my opinion had the weight on his side. He couldn't really made teh fight interesting if he just jabbed at Pacman and took a chance. and DAMN, how can Pacman keep throwing those punches left and right. And...there's the double punch. He's never going to live that down. But yeah... that's...just my 2 cents about all that.
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At March 15, 2010 at 11:30 AM, Blogger Jolls said........
Damn, I know just how you feel. Not only does my mom have a Facebook she uses to follow me, she gets my status updates sent to her VIA TEXT. So basically I can never write those vague little sad or angry statuses without her whirling around on me, demanding to know what's going on when in reality, most of it is her.

Feels like 1984, doesn't it? Cripes. I hope you and I get to bust outta here soon, Kat. Do yourself a favor and transfer to a school far, FAR away from here. You really deserve it.

But in the meantime, hang in there, and if you ever need to rant about your parents or anything, I'm here, and I can totally relate.