Wednesday, March 10, 2010
I'm pretty sure I bombed my Geography test today. I'm terrified, but at the same time, I'm okie with it, considering I have a few more tries to finally get my grade up... Or I pray so. I will do better!

I met some new people. 2 of them are art majors, the don't know. 2 of them are Nigel's friends and the other is a friend of a friend. We ended up talking for about an hour or so, just standing in the wind as we shiver. Darren, one of Nigel's friends, kept talking about how he ha slost motivation for the rendering class...LOL and another one of Nigel's friends, Justin, was talking about all these different stories that happened a long time ago, and we ended up talking about their art projects and how their test today was to draw a choo choo train using orthographic projections (I used this is architecture. Believe it or not, it doesn't help much). ...then again, who says Choo Choo Train anyway? I just call it the train... They were talking about their schools and such or where they wanted to go. Then Just told us where he lived...which was kind of awkward. LOL. They're funny guys. One of them, Justin's friend, his name is Michael, he wasn't really wearing a sweater, so I asked him if he was cold and he was like "no. Do you see goosebumps on my arm?" and I looked and said no and he said "er, don't mind my hairy arms...for an asian...or my dry skin..." and I proceeded to laugh more. They were pretty each to get along with. Like, easy to talk to I guess? I hope I get to see them more. They're funny.

Despite the long day in lab for a lecture (LOL) and bombing my Geography exam, I was...pretty content/happy today. And I'm kind of glad. Really this time. Now I have to study for Statistics and do...homework I should have done a long time ago...
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