Saturday, March 13, 2010
I know that the picture is SHINee related, but I'm looking for more of how the picture is taken (...and maybe Onew. But I swear, this time it's the composition of the picture). This looks like a lot of fun when someone is taking it. Possibly photoshop? Maaaybe. I really like this sort of thing. Mid-air pictures. I remember one of the disneyland pictures, Nigel caught a lot of air in the picture like MinHo or Key in this one. I kind of want to do that kind of picture.

I've thought of family portrait, since my elementary school friends are like a family. I'm a maknae LOL.

I've also thought of a theme/series for my friends. It's called "Blank at heart". I don't have much of a good theme name for it, but I like it. I want them to display what they are at heart. For example, if I were to do it, it would be "Kid at Heart" or "Romantic at Heart" or "Dreamer" or "Musician" or "Nerd". etc. Yes, I've thought this through. This one would have to be with the white background deal coz... I like it like that. It would be a lot better. Attire wise, I don't know...I have to bring props for this.

and of course, the solo portraits...
all this will be watermarked and possibly edited ~_~;;;
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