Tuesday, January 26, 2010
I think I have already stated somewhere that Teddy is getting me into KPop and stuff. Of course, you can see my boy craze going on there. Not healthy, but I guess it keeps me sane at times... Anyway. For a while, I've been enjoying some of the music without realizing the lyrics and translation. Once I found Super Junior's Neorago (It's you) video, I noticed it was very sad. I looked up the lyrics and it was sad as well O_O. That goes for the same with SHINee's "Jojo". I think Jojo means Darling or something in Korean, but yeah. This is another break up song! WHY ARE BREAK UP SONGS SO CATCHY. GAWD. I mean, I was even singing it in the car, then I look up the lyrics and i'm like ":| " well, that's a downer. THIS SUCKS.

but yeah... that's my little shpeal about that >_>
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