Thursday, January 21, 2010

Round 1: Kat

“Why am I wearing this?” Kat asked as she glided her finger tips against her face, looking for her eyes. She couldn’t find her eyes, just only a blindfold to replace her sight. Everything was as dark as night, and she could only hear the deep laughter of two people: her roommates. “Guys, I don’t think I like this game very much…” Kat said as she continued to search for her eyes.

“Oh, Kat, stop worrying. It’s only Marco Polo,” a voice assured her. It sounded like Fabian. Yeah, it’s Fabian…I think… Kat said, skimming over the blindfold. She began to worry a bit, wondering if they were playing a cruel joke on her. It seems to be a continuous routine for the two. “So tell me again why we’re playing Marco Polo in this house?” she asked, as she stretched out her arms, waving them around like a fly was attacking her.

“We’re only having fun,” another voice responded. And that’s Aaron in this direction…Kat thought as she swung her right arm and hit something very hard…which happened to be Aaron’s head.

Kat felt a poke at her rib cage and a squeaked escaped from her mouth. “HEY, I DIDN’T SAY START YET,” Fabian yelled, still poking her rib cage. Kat whined and puckered out her bottom lip. She didn’t want to play this game. This will only end in pain for her, and she knows it.

“’Kay, Kat. Count to 10, and start yelling ‘Marco!’ and we’ll yell ‘Polo!’” Aaron said, lightly shoving Kat. She grumbled, what sounded like “I will kill you,” and “I hope you die.” She made a 180 degree turn, and began counting out loud. The two boys ran different directions, knowing that confusing Kat will be the most fun they will ever get.


I'm not the best writer, but I actually kind of miss this D:

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