Monday, September 21, 2009
There are way too many bones in the human least in my opinion. I mean, I'm grateful that I have a body where my bones are semi-hollow and can move perfectly fine (sort of. Some parts don't be like others do for obviously reasons). But not only do I have to memorize the bones, but I have to memorize the BONE MARKINGS. We went through the skull today and my poor brain kept pulsing. I can only imagine what I have to go through with the rest of the body. Once again...I think I'll go read after I send this entry away.

I'm very excited for Thursday. My History teacher is offering his classes extra credit. The assignment is to go to see a silent film at the old movie theater in El Segundo. The movie ticket is $7, the popcorn is $2 and the soda/water is only $1. To be honest, I haven't seen those prices before just for a movie. It's a steal, I tell you. What kind of movie theater let's these prices go so cheap? Certainly not AMC, am I right? I haven't been to an actual theater that does this whole this with silent movies. I've only seen "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", which is an old silent movie I watched on Encore. I didn't watch the entire movie, only because I had something to attend to, but the movie made me late anyway. The movie I will be viewing is called "Double Indemity". My teacher said it's a great noir film. I adore noir films only because it gives off that old nostalgia feeling of how things used to be so corrupt. I love the intensity of those films and how black and white give a way more dramatic effect that color (which is why I prefer black and white pictures as opposed to color. But either way, I still like both styles). I await how this will turn out. Nigel and I will be going together because I fear for my life going myself (thank you Nigel). I told him I'll drive and he could take the next movie for Extra Credit, which will be viewing on October 29th at the same location. "Halloween Spookakular" says my teacher. He says we could dress up in costume and stuff. Still want to pull off that modern, non-skanky, Little Red Riding Hood costume. Eventually, I think I will. If I find a better Alice costume that is actually ALICE, NOT SKANKY ALICE, then nevermind. Storybook characters are fun to modernize...with more clothing of course. I digress. Maybe something like this will help me get my brain on track again, considering it took me 2.5 hours into Anatomy to fully be alert on what I was learning. It was pretty bad. I don't want to go through with that again. Thus, I'm very excited to go see a movie this Thursday night and stay out a little passed my curfew.

I'm wondering how I am going to be able to fit time into going to these historical sites with Nigel. This is a for a grade, after all (and the best way to get a grade, seriously). Let alone, I'm not sure how I am supposed to fit in time for just about everyone and everything. I hate how Anatomy works.

I have a bunch of frames here. I should consider printing my photos at Target so I could use them. Just one problem...where do you put 15 frames???

I should go study now. I think some quality time with my Anatomy book with help me feel a little better.

...Did I mention I got a 74% on my first Anatomy lecture exam? I expected worse. I think I'll do better on the next lecture exam though. Going to have read a lot for this lol :| ...

My life as a social being ends as we speak.
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