Tuesday, September 22, 2009
I finally watched the movie.
Abi showed it to me and I watched instead of reading Anatomy. (Wow, I need a lot of time to work with this...)
It was a wonderful movie. Told from a different perspective. Kind of makes you wonder if guys really think like that when a girl breaks up with him. I hope not. I don't know how one guy could have a meal of Twinkies, orange juice and Jack Daniels for 24 days. Really (lol, Abi). It had its moments that made me cringe, laugh, smile and cry. Cried a lot during that movie. The movie got me thinking a lot though. The two never said a single "I love you" to each other, and yet there was that mutual feeling and intesity. I want to say that this movie is different, I can't explain how. It's not a romantic comedy. There was no real happy ending, but there was hope. This movie was something different.

Highlight if you dare:
I want to break plates. I think when tom started breaking plates in the beginning, it kind of spells out a whole knew meaning of "NO, I'M NOT OKAY". Golly, I wish I could break plates like that. Though, it wouldn't be so fun cleaning up right after that. I can't help but cry on some parts. For instance, the part when Tom sees Summer's engagement ring. It was heartbreaking. The feeling couldn't be helped and I cried. The whole expectations and reality stuff was actually quite inetersting. Observing a lot of it made sense why the director/writer did something like that. I think I might draw something like that. Hm. Another part I cried on was when Summer and Tom were talking to each other at his favorite spot. That whole conversation, and when she that "She was finally sure what she wanted"
Tom: "And that was?"
Summer: "What I wasn't sure with you"
I'm only imagining how Tom feels when she said those words. An instant break of the heart and pain in the chest I presume. Poor guy...I want to say I related to how he feels considering the whole bipolar "I love her, I HATE HER" moments. It makes sense. It gives comfort to me to know that is slightly normal. Just slightly. Breaking plates? Maybe not, but it woudn't hurt to try.

The movie really had me thinking about meeting "the one" or whatever. Coincidence, chance, serendipity. It all can happen, I think. I don't know. I thought I could explain myself better, but apparently not.

Btw: Horray for younger siblings.

I've been listening to an old song that I haven't heard since the 6th grade. I completely forgot that it was a sad break up song. I started thinking about the song along with (5OO) Days of Summer. It sort of connects in a way, but at the same time, it doesn't. Connects? Another guy's point of view! I just think the (5OO) Days of Summer's Tom is more practical and human. The song has a human feeling too, but it seems so unlikely sometimes...I don't know, maybe that is just mean. Doesn't connect? Like I said before, they two never said a single "I love you" to each other. in "Baby Girl", there's a line there "why don't you love me anymore" and "And all i can think about is you /the way you say you love me too". I'm not sure what to say anymore. I'll edit when more ideas start coming along. I keep forgetting how heartbreaking this song is. I'll make note of it .
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