Saturday, September 26, 2009
Surrounded by people.
Physically not alone.
Emotionally? Mentally? Feels like it.
Sure, why not.
I don't like the feeling.
Small talk by texting here and there.
I love yous over the internet.
Is it wrong to feel that sometimes it feels...meaningless?
He sounds a little distant.
Oh goodness, it's over the internet. How I would know?
Does he still care?
I have no idea.
No call.
Hurts? Yeah.
Should I call?
Maybe not.
He said he would...
And yet I'm still waiting...
Maybe I'm over thinking it all together.
I would be nice to call once in a while, right?
Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow.
I promised mysef that I would give him some room.
Indeed, I will.
Best not to. After all, I do have an exam on Monday.
It would be a shame to fail this exam, so let's try not to.
Right....72% in the class.
To be honest, I think I'm getting a better grade in my other 3 classes.
Need to study hard if you're going to strive to get that B.
After all, Physio is going to be worse.
Don't remind me...

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