Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This is something I have always known, but never fully experienced (I'm about to brace myself for the impact when September comes along...). I've heard that long distance relationships are hard, especially when the two of you are so far apart. Of course, it hurts that you can't see each other so much anymore, and if you two are across the country or world, time difference could be a problem. But with technology these days with web cams, internet, e-mails, long distant calling, it seems like the traditional letters are a thing of the past.

But I always wondered if distance is a problem and a reason to break up? I've had a few friends in long distand relationships and some of them broke up because of that distance and lack of communication or visual...aid (for lack of a better word). A friend and his girlfriend broke up twice because of that distance, and it kind of makes me a bit skeptical to break up because of the same reason. I always though you kind of need to deal with that distance and overcome it in order to really...well...make it work. Also, I've always been told that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I guess when two people do not see each other for a very long time (mmm, let's say about two months), voices, pictures, prolly even webcam chats, make up for it. Just the small things can make a great deal. Its like those old World War II moments when the men were coming home to their wives. The women and men would embrace each other, telling each other how much they missed and love each other.

A cousin of mine has a girlfriend in the Philippines. I can't remember how they met, and how long they have been dating (i think two years...), but they're still going strong. he stays up late to study, and to call her on the other side of the world. They have facebook, myspace, maybe even video chat. He visits her every year to celebrate a year of their being together. I used to spend a lot of time with my cousin, and I have never been so devoted to a girl. He wouldn't look at another girl, and he would always talk about her.

My parents worked out a 10 year long distant relationship. Sometime around 80's I guess. I never really asked them because I feel like I'm prying open something I shouldn't. My mom was here in the US of A, with her family in Chicago and eventually migrated to Cali. My dad was in the Philippines trying to finish up medicine. My dad told me that they used to send letters to each other often, and Mama told me she would try to come back home (the Philippines), whenever she can (which was ever 2 or 3 years). But I keep thinking about it, and I wonder how they were able to stick it out. I mean, 10 years and just moments in time where they were able to see each other. Its like the Notebook. Noah wrote to his lover every day for a whole year. Serious dedication and a lot of love.

When I hear my parents' story, I always think "wow...that must've been painful." I can't really say much except that I can only imagine how hard that would be, and I can't say a lot because I haven't experienced it myself.

Papa reminds me that when Aaron goes to San Diego, it will be hard for the two of us. I told him that I understand what will happen soon. I mean, it isn't as bad as the Philippines where I have very little contact of him and what not. I'm lucky enough to have him only two hours away (3 depends on traffic).

...Yeah. O_O;
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