Friday, January 21, 2011
I realize how promises are easily broken and very difficult to keep. I guess coz, in a way, I have broken my fair share of promises, and others have broken theirs as well.
But it's just one of those moments, when you hear the person's words coming out of his or her mouth, and watch their expressions as they scrunch their face in disgust and rub their eyes in shame.

I wasn't too sure what I was supposed to do. I could have
a) made a big scene at the place, yelling at him telling him that he lied to me
b) still yell at him that broke his promise to me
c) Do my best to not say anything.
d) Say something to him.

I picked e) Accept it.

Obviously I am being very vague about the situation, but its kind of the best way to sort of get it out. It was best to just accept the fact that he broke it and try to work out a deal with him. It was nothing earth-shattering, at least not in his world. In a way, I empathize with him, and I'm glad he was finally able to get it out. I'm glad he's talking, it just needs a little more time and more support in his life.

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