Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Sifu: Karen! Go with Irvin!
Irvin: *walks over to Kat*
Kat: Hi. My name is not Karen.
Irvin: Oh...really?
*after wrestling*
Irvin: So what is your name actually?
Kat: I'm KC.


Sifu ...keeps calling me Karen. I kind of figured if Sifu can't really remember my name...I might as well fix it for everyone else =_=

I also feel like I live different lives with these nicknames. It totally depends where it is used and stuff. Like my first name, Katrina, is used to others who don't know me too well and teachers. Camille is used for my family in the Philippines so they don't get messed up with KC Concepcion =_=. Kat is used by close friends and people who have known me in high school (I wasn't really known as Kat in high school until my junior/senior year of high school). KC is used among family members. Strictly family only because I've known them to call me by that name and only that name. That name is also used in IMB because my dad introduced me as KC. I don't like it, but oh well. I get used to it, I guess...
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