Tuesday, January 12, 2010
Erg, so this hurts a lot. x_x I could probably name every muscle that hurts right now, but that would take too long because there are way too many muscles in the human body.
Actually, there are too many bones in the human body, but I will save that for another lesson.
I'll be stretching a lot after I eat dinner. If I stretch now, and my mother calls me to dinner, I will probably be in some weird position where I can't seem to move my leg away from my head. Of course, the way I stretch is never that intense, but I always was able to do 'em thanks to ballet.

I think if it weren't for those intense and flexible stretching every 30 minutes before ballet, I wouldn't be as flexible as I am now. I mean, my size is huge. I complete the image of a shape of a pear and an apple put together. Kind of to be very fortunate to actually stretch that much actually. Then again, after I stopped doing ballet, I couldn't reach the tip of my toes to my head, and I couldn't even let my stomach muscles hold me up for a long time. Let alone for a whole second. But, thankfully, I am still able to stretch well! *kind of lost her train of thought*


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