Monday, January 11, 2010
I got a big "Welcome back to IMB" from the people I know. Except, it was more like "Where have you been?"
"School, Sifu."
"What? School?"
"Yeah Sifu. My class ended at 4:45PM."
"Ah. We missed you at the Christmas Party."
"...There was a Christmas Party?"

Kevin Gin's hair grew. A lot.
Kevin's (I forget is last name) has hair!
John is still teaching the kids class.
The girls I usually talk to are not there.

Where have I been?

Right. My being a hermit in my room for a good...hmm... 2 months studying. A lot.

Well, Vince taught, and I felt even more out of shape than ever. Seriously. At least it wasn't as asthma inducing as his other work-outs. I had to sit out for a bit (I feel bad for, not Kevin Gin, other Kevin) and then come back it. Heart rate wouldn't go down as fast as it should. Need to work on my cardio better :\ and breathe better. I NEED TO BREATHE.

I feel tired, but I want to convince myself that it is a good tired. It's a start to my resolutions to work out more and... get back to a size 14 in my jeans -_-. Or, maybe even smaller. WE'LL SEE HOW THIS ALL WORKS OUT FIRST. I hope to really keep to my word this time. This a good sore, even though I'm going to groaning in the morning, rolling over because I am so sore. I will get used to it. And I will bring my breathing/cardiorespiratory back! YAY NUTRITION.

Okie, I'm going to go write some notes for my class... *hermits once again*
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