Wednesday, October 28, 2009
to the point our time turned out to be [10/27/2009 8:45:18 PM] *** 3:03:56. ***
He kept his word, and we actually talked yesterday. Even though he and I webcam-ed the week before, I still missed him.
"I know this is cheesy, but its all I have until I see you."
He tried to keep me as long as he could, even though I kept pushing the fact that I had to go to sleep.
His roommate is funny.
Accidents are funny to watch, especially when it isn't happening to you.
And...pictionary for a good 2.5 hours is fun.
He kept making me laugh.
It made me very sad that I didn't realize how much he missed me.
(and here I was bitching about him all the time... I'm not taking this very well, aren't I? )
A lot of writing of "*insert arrow here* misses you" &
"*insert arrow here again* still misses you"
Why can't my lappy do all that cool stuff? I DUNNO. (I still love my lappy though...)
I keep thinking about the three hour conversation, almost anticipating that I will be seeing Saturday. His birthday. He'll be legal, and now I don't feel better than I am no longer dating a minor. HAHAH..
Is it bad that I spent so much money on him for his birthday.
I saw it and thought of him, although I don't know if he has seen that Mickey Mouse cartoon before.
I keep giving him everything Disney. I don't know why. Maybe because it was easy?
Krisette and I walked around the whole World of Disney store like, 5 times, trying to think of something to give to him.
I got him a pin and something else.
I wanted to give him a pin because he bought me one from Disney World (which...I found... at the store too. I think it was as expensive...).
Or how I ask Krisette.
Kat: should I spend this much on him?
Krisette: I think so.
Kat: Is this going to be worth it?
Krisette: I'm sure it will be.
Kat: Is this relationship going to work out?

I did that to throw her off...
but yeah.
I hope he likes it?

PS- I'm following Steve Terada on Twitter.
I'm a bad girlfriend D:
I love Steve Teradaaa T__T
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