Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Nothing much happened today. I ended up doing more laundry than I usually do. Need to finish that up soon. I learned a different route to teh field from my brother's school. I don't really like Downtown Long Beach because its strange. You can only go one way on each street, and I was honked at for letting pedestrians cross. Honestly, they could've moved. After picking up my brother and his friends and dropped them off to practice (I'm soccer mom status without my van. This sucks), I ended up makinga visit to band camp O_o. Yes. Spur of the moment, I guess. I got there when they were going through music. Made my rounds from hornline, drumline, and guard. I gave Allison a ride to Scroc field and ended up talking to Mr.A for a while. I ended up teching for a little bit o_O; and played a bit of first aid. Yeah, I have no idea. We'll see ~_~;

Kat doesn't want to go back to school. I reeallly don't.
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