Thursday, May 13, 2010
Dear Rina,
It's fine.
You need to study, and review, type and do homework. On top of it all, you're exhausted.
You just drove to North Hills just so you could have your cousin take you to Mt. St. Mary's to an info session and tour the campus (which practically took 5 minutes). We like the campus. It's small. Very small. Just right, and just for you. You need this. So study hard and do your best, then you will be on your merry way to become a nurse. We are going to be one of the 10 accepted for transfer. We will do this.

Don't feel bad that he txtd you while you were driving for an hour and you didn't notice it until 3 hours later.
Don't feel bad that once you text him back to ask what happened, and he told you that he finally had some time to breathe and spend it talking with you, while you, on the other hand, is feeling stress and want some down time for herself...and probably him too.
Don't feel bad that your wish finally happened that he would text you sometime OTHER than the weekends.
Pull yourself together, girlie...
You're crying over nothing.
Now stop missing him, and try to pull yourself together.
I'm embarrassed for us right now, even though you and I are one.

Love, Kat.

PS- you need sleep, sweetie. I can see your circles showing more, and you can barely keep awake in your classes. Sleep is important, dear. I'm worried for us.
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