Sunday, March 28, 2010
*After making a scene at the Jazz Kitchen and finding out that I have Onew on the wallpaper of my phone*

1: ...He looks like a girl.
2: ...No he doesn't.
1: Let me rephrase that. he IS a girl.
2: and that makes you?
1: What- HEY.
1: So...what do you like about him that makes him worthy of being on your phone?
2: he reminds me of you.
1: tch. Not even.
2: no, really he does.
1: Really? How so?
2: Well, he looks like you. Except chinky, and not brown and Korean. Another difference also is coz he is older than me. He's about 20. He's the leader of a group.
1: Oh? So he's a singer.
2: Yeah. He also sings well. Kind of like you.
1: Heh, I don't sing well.
2: I think you do.
1: What else...
2: When he smiles, he reminds me of you.
1: I... see.
2: Did I make you jealous?
1: ... no
2: I can change it if it makes you feel better.
1: No, if you like it, then you can keep it.
2: Look, as much as he reminds me of you, he isn't you.
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