Sunday, March 28, 2010
I talked to my parents about switching my treatment for my psoriasis. I told them that the light box treatment works, but at a slow pace, and when I get stressed out, I break out really bad. I didn't want that anymore. I decided to switching to injections instead to help my psoriasis. My dad read it over, since he has his medical knowledge and knows what will happen more than I will.

My dad called me me over and read it all and told me what the down sides to this treatment. He said I would be prone to infection, and I could vulnerable to cancers later on in my life. I was very aware of that when I talked to my doctor about it, I just didn't have the heart to tell my parents I could be developing the one thing that killed one of their parents. I told my dad that I would go through the treatment, because I knew what would happen and I'm ready for something different. I'm risking the same thing when I went through the light box treatment, minus the internal infection. So, here it goes. I have to make the call soon.

on a brighter note...
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