Friday, February 5, 2010
Dream #1: I got to meet TaeMin and Onew from SHINee. I took a picture with both of them, and then proceeded to pinch TaeMin's cheeks. I'm wondering why the hell did I pinch TaeMin when I like Onew better. Hell, why am I dreaming about them at all? =_=

Dream #2: I came back from a party and wanted to go to performance to support Aaron (who happened to be performing, but he was dancing? WTF?). Ended getting there, and they were dancing to Neorago. Didn't get to congratulate him or anything, ran back to this one place where I left my bag (why would I ever do that?) and found out that I lost all my cards, IDs and pictures.

Dream #3: I had to walk home in my heels. That was a whole dream.

Dream#4: I was speaking Japanese as I was throwing marshmallows are JongHyun and Key from SHINee. I have no idea if I was really saying anything, nor did I understand what I was saying. Maybe it was all gibberish. BUT IT WAS SHINEE. I DON'T GET IT.

I think I have finally lost it.
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