Sunday, January 3, 2010
I'm trying to take my mind off of today by looking up pictures of Key. But Key can never replace him (even though Key is the same age as him, but taller and Korean and blah blah blah blah blah...). Also I'm listening to "Noona, you're so pretty (Replay)", but it doesn't help that Noona means older girl. *headdesk &changes song to Merry-Go-Round* You think this would be a lot easier since this is the second time he's leaving. But to be honest, it's a lot harder than the first.

Last night was pretty fun. A last minute moment with Krisette, April and I, but it was fun. I will prolly stop eating at BJ's for a while, considering that I feel like throwing up right now T_T. Oh well... Anyway, this is the first time I actually organized a last minute shindig with my friends. I think Im' glad that I did that because April was going to leave to UCLA today and I start Winter Session soon. We ate a lot of food (*pukes*), but it was good food, don't get me wrong! It was just a lot. We talked a lot, and explained to Krisette about our Korean obsession. Showed April Steve Terada and Key to Krisette. We laughed a lot, but now I can't remember why we were laughing. You can tell that this is getting pretty bad LOL. We also went to visit Shaun, and watched a little bit of Ni Hao Kai Lan and "Up". It was nice seeing him and his brother&sister. His brother is so violent! :( he kept hitting me. At least his sister is the good one. After that, April and I went for a much needed Pinkberry run. I was surpised that they didn't charge us tax O_O. But yeah. Then I drove April home, then I went home before 10 (FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WEEK).

Yesterday was fun. I'm glad I got to see some of my friends before they went back to school.
Btw, did I mention that I ran into Steve, Abi, Sean, Ben & Sam at the mall? Yes, I did! It was great seeing them all (ESPECIALLY YOU, ABI. I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS).

Now to continue listening to SHINee keep my mind off of this move. :(
If only there was a restraint on my hands and fingers so I won't text him. Then maybe this wouldn't be so hard =_=
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