Tuesday, December 22, 2009
It started off crappy, but it ended with a wonderful note. I haven't been with my elementary school group in a long time, and it makes me happy when I'm with them. I have a lot of pictures I took of us. It was, indeed, a very fun day! We had astreek of thinkings breaking, which inclue our locker and Indiana Jones. I'm not surprised, but we were already 2 hours in the line (AND WE WERE STILL OUTSIDE). From there we just decided to go on Splash Moutain, which energized us pretty well .
It made me really happy that Nigel got to go to California Adventure for the first time. We rode the Grizzly Rapids 3 times, knowing that our immune systems will not hold up against all the antigens that we will be receiving in the next 24 hours. The Sun Wheel is still the "DEATH WHEEL" to me. I don't like that ride all that much. Maybe when I'm on a "non-swinging" gondola, it would've been better. He shat bricks on Tower of Terror, but loved California Screamin' the most. I'm so glad he got to go there! The crowd was also not that bad in DCA compared to Disneyland. For serious.
I had a lot of good talks with Shaun that day. I'm very happy I got to talk to him. He never really talks to me about that kind of stuff, and other stuff. It was cool that he understood why I was kind of "eeeh" earlier and later in the day. I was always "I'm glad we talk like this! You never talk to me!!"

Before the fireworks, while we were waiting, we saw a shoot star! April, Nigel and I weren't too sure if we all saw the same thing, until we heard a little girl say "Daddy! I saw a shooting star!" then we knew we were all looking at the same big dark blue sky. I made a wish, and I guess it came true with my Anatomy grade. Disneyland's Holiday Fireworks were a lot more different than I remembered, but nevertheless beautiful. I geeked out when I heard Trepak from the Nutcracker Ballet. You could hear me in teh video say "YES! THAT'S MY BALLET." (Prolly one of my favorite holiday ballets next to "Toy Shop"). I loved the fireworks a lot. OH! WE ALSO GOT THE WEIRD SOAP SUDS-- I MEAN SNOW! It got into my eye D: , but it was still pretty cool :)

It was just a really good day to be with my friends.

And to finish off the night...
Getting a B in anatomy?
I ran to my mom and gave her a big hug, screaming "I DID IT, MAMA! I GOT A B! OMG I'M GOING TO CRY! I'M SO HAPPY!!!!"

B in Sociology
B in History 1B Honors
A in Nutrition
B in Anatomy

Not my best semester, but the fact that I actually got a B in anatomy makes of for everything.

I thought I would get an A in History, but oh well. Dr. Verge is still a wonderful teacher!
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