Friday, November 13, 2009
I realized how strange I can be. I don't understand why I do not like to say hello to my grade school classmates (not like Nigel, Krisette, Shaun, April, etc.), but I will add them on facebook? I don't understand myself sometimes. I see some of them at school, and I still say to a few of them. But for some strange reason, if I go to the mall, I pray I don't see anyone I know. That goes for people I know in high school too (not my actual friends...just people whom I talked to? It is hard to explain). I don't know. Maybe I am just really shy? My mom tends to bring this up a lot anyway...

I don't know why I am suddenly struck with homesick (Philippines). Maybe because the Christmas and New Years is coming up, and I kind of miss being there to celebrate new years with all the fireworks and food with my cousins in the PI. I guess I kind of also miss Boracay. I can't help it. I was from there.

The Holiday season is picking up, as well as the weather too. I feel like I should be baking Christmas cookies, drinking egg nog and bundled with blankets. It's been pretty cold here, and I kind of miss the fall weather. On the other hand, I'm enjoying the trees turning into the dark bloody red color. Very beautiful color. I need something hot and peppermint to drink now...

The light at the end of the tunnel has revealed itself. I will strive to get that B in Anatomy.

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