Saturday, June 5, 2010
Even though I like my solitude, my room is rather gloomy. It may match my demeanor from time to time, but it bother' sme because of the lighting. When I did some random drafts for when I get a room when I get older, I always gave myself a bay window. I like that kind of window as you can sit there and just look out and admire all that's around and...possibly ponder. Also, it fulfills its requirements of the 15% natural light ventilation. I love bay windows. I also love casement windows. Those are the windows that swing like a door.

I hate the lighting in room at night. My ceiling fan's light is too bright and gives off this horrible yellow color. Plus it flickers and makes this crackling sound that scares me. The lightbulb exploded a few times too. Someone needs to go check that out...
I have two lamps that I use. One sits on the top of my computer desk. The other is...well, it was supposed to stay on my drafting desk, but it fell off. So now I have to re-install it.

For the first time in a years, I opened the blinds in my room. I found it to be a lot brighter (obviously...), and I did find myself an insect graveyard...which I kindly vacuumed this morning. I'm looking at this long, rather boring, window. Two sliders on teh side-- one of them doesn't move. I need that natural ventilation... Despite it's looks, it is doing its job by helping study in a brighter environment.
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