Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Upcoming events (in general)
- Spring Ball (May 7th) mandatory.
- STC (May 8th) WHOA EEEHH...I want to go :(
- Noah's Bark (April 24th) Going just to get some hours and relieve my brain from Chemistryyy
- ECC CKI Potluck (April 25th) Not going. Need to study thank you very much.
UCSD's CKI Event if I can get it passed my parents, and I have nothing that weekend,
then I'M GOOD...oh God my first overnight even for CKI...I don't even know where I'm crashing after the event -____-

- UCI's CKI Event TBA
- UCLA's CKI Event TBA
I can't remember the names

Homework and Exams!

Chem Exam Next Tuesday
- Philo Exam (May 3rd)
- Geography Exam (April 26th)
- Geography video assignment (April 26th)

...oh my
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