Tuesday, September 16, 2008
As I said before, I take a lot of pictures. I don't know how I got myself hooked onto photography. I love it though. Really, I do. It is so much fun. I can't wait to minor in it. Hahaha (probably the easiest minor..). Anyway, a lot of the pictures I have taken are with my dad's old canon slr (i have to find the actual number for it). But yeah. When I mean, old, I mean OLD. The body of teh camera is metal, and it could put you in a coma if I threw it at you. Its a good camera. It has served me while I was in my photography class. haha. The following pictures have been developed in the dark room and taken by me. The shadow gram items are mine and the pinhole picture is my tenor saxophone (45 minutes to find out it came out blury. How disappointing).
comments: This was for the people and portraits project. I wanted to take a good picture of my friend angry because I loved the face that she made. It took a while to actually get the shot because she couldn't get mad. Thus, having to bring in the big guns and I had to call Fabian over to make fun of her. It was funny to see her suddenly get so mad. Never thought I would see the day where she could actually look intimidating.
So, meet Carl. ---> This also part of the people and people project. I caught him at a spontaneous moment while he was sleeping. No, I'm not a stalker. It's funny when he's asleep. Anyway, here he is. Sleeping. I took this during MTAP (Music Theory AP) while we didn't have to do anything [or we should've been doing something. I don't know it was very cold]. I guess this is how you would describe the typical MTAP student. <--- This is Steve. Another Portrait and People picture I turned in for the project. This one doesn't look as good because my scanner distorted the picture, which frustrated me a lot. Regardless of the distortion, this is probably my favorite picture. When Steve isn't smiling, he seems very serious. So, I guess that is why I asked him to be one of the people in my photography pictures. Heeh. He'll make a good model someday...not saying that he'll be become one, but you get what I mean. hahaa.

I think that is all i am going to post up for now.
For my digital and tradional pictures, check out my http://www.tricksturr.deviantart.com .
Thank you and good night!
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